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Lanercost Priory


Lanercost Priory

Lanercost Priory was founded by Robert de Vaux between 1165 and 1174, the most likely date being 1169,[1] to house Augustinian Canons. It is situated at the village of Lanercost, Cumbria, England.

The priory has an unusual medieval stone carving called the Lanercost Cross with an inscription dating back to 1214. Originally the cross was set just outside the entrance to the church. Today the stump of the cross remains, but the main shaft is housed inside the priory. In the churchyard is the tomb of Thomas Addison, scientist and physician. In the nave is a memorial to the Reverend Henry Whitehead, former vicar of Lanercost, best known for his pioneering epidemiological work with John Snow on cholera.

The nave has an aisle to the north, but a large wall to the south with no aisle, where it abuts the cloister. The impressive ruined chancel and crossing of Ca. 1220-1230 are in a good state of preservation; as high as the eaves, and would only require a roof and windows to be restored to the original condition. The oldest masonry is in the the south transept, and dates from the late 12th Century. The cloister and monastic buildings have been largely dismantled; except for the west range, which was made into a house by Sir Thomas Dacre in the 16th Century. The statue of St Mary Magdalene, given by Edward I, still survives in a niche high up on the west front.

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