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Reading List

The Borders are one of the richest places in the country for history, natural history, the wild places, culinery specialities, geological, sporting and artistic interests.
Carlisle boasts one of the country's finest second hand bookshops and a rich literary culture.

This list serves two purposes: the first is to point you towards some great books with local and general interest and the second is to share good reads. There's nothing quite like getting totally away from it all and curling up with a good book.
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The Border reivers
Godfrey Watson

Strongholds of the Border Reivers: Fortifications of the Anglo-Scottish Border 1296-1603 Keith Durham and Graham Turner

Exploring Border Reivers History
Philip Nixon

In Search of the Border Reivers: An Historical Map and Guide by Ordnance Survey

The Border Country: A Walker's Guide (Cicerone British Walking)
Alan Hall

Exploring Solway Firth History
Hugh Dias and Philip Nixon

Hadrian's Wall
Derry Brabbs

The Wall: Rome's Greatest Frontier
Alistair Moffat

A Walk Along the Wall: A Journey Along Hadrian's Wall
Hunter Davies

Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees

Roger Deakin

Waterlog: A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain
Roger Deakin

Notes from Walnut Tree Farm

Roger Deakin

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Casanova Menswear, Carlisle
La Pergola, Carlisle
Galloway Country Fair
MitchellsCockermouth Antique Auctions
Theatre by the Lake at Keswick
Fantails Restaurant
Huntington's Informal Dining
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Retired and Restless
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The Eden Golf Club and Driving Range
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